Retail & High Net Worth


Retail mutual fund wholesalers face a daunting task. Intense competition and wary financial advisors make it difficult to attract new business.Coffee carts are ineffective, and lunches where the corner office rep drops by and grabs lunch only to walk away is frustrating. It’s time to change the standard operating procedure and raise your profile! Vindicated can help.

By offering a sophisticated wine education course that is interwoven with your current marketing message, we can raise your profile. Vindicated has conducted targeted advisor events for the best clients of advisors and record-keepers in several cities, with huge success. Our event, ‘The Judgment of Paris, Revisited’ is the type of event that a Retail wholesaler might want to host as a thank you event geared toward HNW advisors or broker/dealers whose AUM is a large piece of the rep’s annual business. This event works best when advisors are allowed to invite their spouses. The event re-creates the 1976 Paris Tasting that launched Napa Valley wines onto the world stage. Through events like this we can help you make your clients feel special and appreciated.

Vindicated can host branch office wine themed events, or host your HNW advisors’ personal client events. Imagine the cache your advisor would have in hosting a personal client event with Personal Somm services!

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