My Personal Somm

Imagine the cache involved in having a certified sommelier pour wine for your guests, discuss the wine, and answer wine-related questions! My Personal Somm services are offered to assist individuals or businesses with any wine related activity including consulting about your personal wine purchases. We will consult with you about food and wine pairing, provide guidance as to the correct glass to use with the wine being poured, and help guide your wine selections. If you would like to hire us to be present for your event, we can offer those services as well. Examples of Personal Sommelier services include:

  • Sourcing wine for an event such as a wedding, anniversary celebration, graduation party – any event where wine will be served.
  • Creating a personal wine cellar or enhancing an existing wine cellar with new and exciting domestic or international wines.
  • Providing sommelier services for an important client event such as a banquet, conference dinner or holiday celebration.