Financial Services Industry

Vindicated understands your business. The financial services market is an intensely competitive one and as such it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Every chance you get to enhance your personal ‘brand’ raises your profile and status with your most important clients. We have designed courses that easily integrate financial information and wine education. Vindicated has compiled a list of the best advisors within each state throughout the United States as rated by The Financial Times, Barrons, and similar trade groups/periodicals. We can enhance your guest list by including the advisors from our list, to your guest list.

How does this work? Click below to see a sample agenda for a 2 hour course recently presented. This format provided time for a featured ERISAspeaker (an attorney) and for sponsors to either speak briefly to guests or to present a second financial topic. The financial topics were integrated with three paired wine tastings along with education about the wines, the countries where the wine was produced, and included discussion and questions. This format is a wonderful way to engage attendees. No single topic lasts long enough to lose people’s interest, and the wine education and discussion encourages questions and allows people to engage in ways not typically encountered at your usual financial seminar.

Vindicated offers the opportunity to raise your profile while educating your clients in a fun and informative way. Your clients will be asking: “When do we do that again?”

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