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A Wine That Is “Approachable” is Meaningless

I recently had a pretty intense conversation with a colleague and fellow Somm. It began like this: I said, “It’s starting to bug me when people refer to a wine as ‘approachable’”. We were off and running! Is this just a current buzz word in the industry? Is it a new, gimmicky sales term? If

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

A story in which a curious Somm’s questions at a major West Coast conference cause a wild outburst; three wines are presented as commercially viable but taste like corn nuts; and BIG WINE tries to mask the sugar content in Chardonnay. On the second day of classes at SommCon San Diego – which, overall, was

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What is a Somm?

I often get asked at my events how to pronounce “Sommelier”. I answer (“sum-ah-lee-ay”), but let people know it’s acceptable to just say “Somm.” The follow-up questions are usually “How do you become a Somm? What is involved?” You may be surprised to know that no one organization controls this and that there is disagreement

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