wine education

Vindicated, LLC is a play on words, and is a response to the people who may have thought I was a bit crazy to leave the practice of law for the wine industry. After fifteen years of practicing law, I decided to study wine, earning two certificates and becoming a Certified Sommelier. I discovered that I love teaching people about wine and helping them to more fully enjoy and appreciate the experience of drinking wine, and I formed a company so that I could realize this passion.

My company is based in Napa, California but I travel to you to teach my courses which are short, lively, and engaging and always include wine tasting. I specialize in corporate events, corporate event planning and hosting wine themed events for corporate clients. If you have a sales force that is expected to entertain clients, each person on your sales team should know enough about wine to take control of the wine list and confidently order wine for the table. My courses can help your sales force become confident with a restaurant wine list and utilize their expense account wisely. Please visit the Testimonials tab to see what attendees at my courses have to say. Our courses work well in small groups (twelve or less) in a relaxed, seminar format but can be structured for larger groups as well. Private, one-on-one tutorials are also available.


Christy Todd Davis, Esq.
Certified Sommelier